Inspiration Abounds

Hi Friends,

Sometimes it's hard to find inspiration.  And sometimes it's painted on the streets beneath your feet.  I love this quote which lives on 53rd street in New York City (or at least it did a few months ago).  It reminds us to be brave in the face of our fear.  It quietly tells us that fear is a part of life, that of course we feel it, but that is shouldn't stop us or make us veer from our paths.

And here's a little more inspiration for you:

Here's the playlist many of my students have been asking for.  It includes the music I use for my floor warm up, standing warm up, and a "body inventory" (basically a guided way to shake it all loose and dance by yourself in your bedroom).  

So that's my inspiration for you this week.  A bad ass quote reminding you to keep being a bad ass.  And some music.  

Share the love with others and hit me back with inspiration of your own!